Saturday, February 10, 2024

MANIT Bhopal E-Summit 24 inaugurated by Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh

E-Summit'24 was inaugurated with great enthusiasm at MANIT Bhopal, featuring Honorable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Mohan Yadav Ji, as the Chief Guest. The event also had Mr. P. Narhari IAS, Secretary of the Department of MSME as the Guest of honour, and other distinguished guests.

During his address, CM Dr. Mohan Yadav Ji encouraged the young audience to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. He assured them of government support and highlighted Madhya Pradesh's strides in startups and innovation, emphasizing the state's commitment to fostering a conducive environment for entrepreneurs. The Chief Minister congratulated the Entrepreneurship Cell at MANIT Bhopal for organizing the mega event.

Mr. P. Narhari IAS, as the Guest of Honor, shared insights into the efforts made by the MSME department in supporting entrepreneurship. The inauguration ceremony marked the beginning of E-Summit'24, promising a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, network, and showcase their innovative ideas. 

Crypto Guru Sunil Sharma Inspires Students with Blockchain-fueled Future Vision

Coingape CEO, Sunil Sharma, delivered an inspiring talk on entrepreneurship and financial independence at an event. Encouraging students, he highlighted opportunities in emerging technologies like blockchain, w3, and crypto trading. Sharma engaged with students' questions, offering valuable guidance. Additionally, Rupeezy Director Sheesham Gupata and MANIT Bhopal alum Hemant Patel unveiled Investezzy, a new mutual funds trading app. These keynote sessions marked an informative journey for attendees. 

Beyond the IITian Tag: Success Lies in Hard Work, Ethics, and Well-being - NV

Mr. Nitin Vijay highlighted the pride in being an IITian or NITian, acknowledging challenges but emphasizing hard work and consistency for success. Setting goals, valuing education, and prioritizing ethics were stressed as essential, with success measured by outcomes and improved mental well-being.