Monday, February 12, 2024

Delhi News - Section 144 implemented in all areas

(Under Section 144 of Criminal Proceshire Code, 1973) Whereas, the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, the Kisan Mazdoor Morcha and several other Farmers Unions and Associations have announced a 'Delhi Chalo march, on 13 of Fehmary, 2024 to hold protest outside the Parliament House, to press their demamis And whereas there exists a well-foundel apprehension/possibility that the participants of the aforementioned march, may try to enter into the territory of Delhi from various entry points along its borders with adjoining States to reach New Delhi and to hold demonstrations to assert their demands. There is an imminent risk of widespread tension, public nuisance, public annoyance, social unrest and the potential for violence on account of the participants of the march entering into the territory of Delhi/New Delhi. The participants are likely to use tractors, trolleys/trailers as mode of transport for entering into the territory of Delhi/New Delhi, which will inevitably be a great hazard on Delhi roads and will cause danger to other sond users/residents of Delhi/New Delhi, Plying of tractor is also banned in New Delhi.

And whereas the convergence of such a large mumber of potential agitators presents a serious significant threat to public safety, the security of public and private property and the maintenance of public peace/order and tranquility within the region.
And whereas there is a likelihood that some anti-social elements/agitator groups may take advantage of the situation and indulge in activities prejudicial to the maintenance of peace, public order as well as law & order in Delhi/New Delhi.

Therefore, to ensure poblic safety, tranquility and public onder in Delhi/New Delhi, it has become imperative to take all required precautionary steps to keep a clicck on the activities of the participants of the above-mentioned march for which no permission has been granted. More particularly taking into consideration the past experience of farmer agitation organised in 2020 and valuable inputs of large scale
serious law & order problem, received from intelligence agencies, it is necessary to take legal step to avoid any such situation.

Now, therefore, in exercise of the power conferred upon me by virtue of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code 1973(No.2 of 1974) гend with Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi notification No. U-11036/3/1978(1)UTL dated 01.07.1978, 1, Sanjay Arom, Commissioner of Police, Delhi promulgate the following orders for maintaining peace, tranquility, public safety and public order in Delhi:

a. Prohibition on Assembly: There shall be a prohibition on blocking of roads, passages,
any type of procession agitation, rally, public meeting by the agitators or general public
or public representatives by way of assembly/gathering of five or more persons with or
without weapons in the entire jurisdiction of Delhi, except for purposes specifically
permitted under law,
b. Prohibition of carrying processions/rallies: There shall be an absolute prohibition on
the organization, convening, or participation in any processions, demonstrations, rallies,
or march on foot, whether for political, social, or any other purpose, within the
geographical limits of Delhi/New Delhi.
C. Restriction on entry of Tractor Trolleys: No tietor trolleys, tricks, or any other
vehicles transporting individuals or materials, and especially those carrying implements
such as sticks/lathis/dandas, swords, spears, bludgeons, firearms or any other thing
capable of being used as weapons or tools of violence, shall be permitted entry into the
territory of Delhi.. 
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