Thursday, January 25, 2024

Indian Stock Market Faces Volatility: Experts Suggest Potential Companies for Investment

India's stock market has been fluctuating like a boat stuck in waves for the past few days. The direction of whether it will rise or fall remains uncertain. Despite temperatures being relatively cool in more than half of India, investors in the stock market are experiencing increased heartbeats. In such a situation, some experts have identified companies whose stocks are rising steadily in this storm without disturbance. Read on; perhaps some valuable insights will emerge.

Highest Profit Potential Companies List

Anil Singhvi suggests investing in PTC India, advising SIP at every 5% decline. The target in 2 years is ₹400, with the current value around ₹215, implying a potential return of about 90%.

Regarding Indus Tower, Anil Singhvi recommends SIP at every 7% decline, targeting ₹360 in 2 years. The current value fluctuates between 200-220, suggesting a potential return of around 60%.

Nuvama Brokerage House highlights companies like Supreme Industries, Exide, CG Power, Route Mobile, and Hero Motocorp, suggesting they could offer returns of up to 27% in the next year.

Market expert Ambareesh Baliga states that if the Indian government purchases Sona Blw Precision before presenting the budget, it could yield good profits, with a target of ₹720. Currently, it is trading between ₹550 and ₹590.

Antique Stock Broking predicts that Tata Power could reach ₹450. Presently, it is trading between ₹360 and ₹370, holding an all-time high position. However, some other experts suggest a target of ₹390 within a year.

Para Cables has released figures through media channels to attract investors, claiming a growth of 162% for investors from July 28, 2023, to January 25, 2024. They report a growth of 188% in the last 365 days and 809% in the last 5 years.

J.M. Financial Services Director Rahul Sharma recommends clients switch to PSU BANK, metal sector, IT sector, and pharma sector due to the potential profitability and promising future in these five sectors.

Disclaimer: Before making investment decisions, consult with a financial advisor, and always remember that when you invest in the stock market, all risks are solely yours.