Tuesday, January 16, 2024

MP NEWS - FIR against irresponsible officers AI helps unearth payments of Rs 162 crore against norms

Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Madhya Pradesh Shri Jagdish Dewra has reiterated the state government's commitment to providing transparent financial administration. He said that Artificial Intelligence based systems have been implemented to control financial irregularities. This has effectively curbed the possible financial irregularities.

Shri Dewra gave instructions to improve entire financial intelligence system based on the findings of investigation in cases of payments against norms. He has also instructed all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers to observe financial discipline, remain alert and perform payment related work with sensitivity. He said that an FIR will be lodged against the officers responsible for negligence in payment and they will be given strict punishment.

It is noteworthy that integrated financial management software is operative in the Finance Department. Through this, payments of bills are made by about 5600 drawing and disbursing officers. These payments include salaries of more than 10 lakh employees and payments of various emoluments, office expenses, grants, scholarships etc.

In the recent past , action has been taken in serious cases of wrong payments in some offices using Artificial Intelligence. The use of Artificial Intelligence revealed serious irregularities. Due to this, information about payment into wrong accounts was received from many districts.

In the past few years, it was difficult to detect such embezzlement . Nearly 15 crore payments from 85 lakh bills in the last five financial years were analysed. Areas with possibilities for irregularities were identified. Certain parameters were adopted to analyze the data.

The first case of wrong payment came to light at Collector Office Indore. So far, wrong payments amounting to Rs 162 crore have been detected and recovery of Rs 15 crore has been made. Departmental inquiries are underway against the responsible officers and employees. In a case, the employee concerned has been terminated.

Suspicious payments are identified through an artificial intelligence based system. For their detailed investigation, the concerned Divisional Joint Director of Treasury and Accounts is ordered to investigate. If irregularities, overpayments are confirmed, legal action is taken immediately by bringing it to the notice of the District Collector. The State Financial Intelligence Cell will be strengthened.