Thursday, December 14, 2023

Madhya Pradesh cabinet meeting dated 13 December 2023 Official report

The State Cabinet held here today under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav at Mantralaya decided to upgrade the identified colleges at the district headquarters as "Prime Ministers' Colleges of Excellence".

At present a total of 570 government colleges are operating. By increasing the facilities at all the faculties in such colleges, they will be upgraded as "PM College of Excellence".

The non-recurring expenditure on them will be Rs 312 crore 56 lakh and the recurring expenditure will be Rs 147 crore 84 lakh. Thus the total expenditure estimated will be Rs 460 crore 40 lakh.

Degree marksheet of students to be uploaded in DigiLocker

The Cabinet has also taken a decision to upload the degree/marksheet of students in government/private universities under the Higher Education Department in DigiLocker. There are 16 government and 53 private universities operating under the Higher Education Department. Most of the degree/mark lists of students of 09 government universities and 5 private universities from the year 2019-20 to 2021-22 have been registered in DigiLocker.

Cyber Tehsils across Madhya Pradesh

The Cabinet has decided to implement the cyber tehsil system in 55 districts from January 1, 2024. The faceless system of application, nomination, mutation record correction has been implemented from June 2022. It has been named Cyber Tehsil. In this, after registration, undisputed transfer of name in favour of the buyer is done automatically through a faceless, paperless online process within 14 days without any application and without visiting the tehsil. The buyer's name also entered in the revenue record. At present this system is in place in 442 tehsils of 12 districts. Through this, more than 16 thousand cases have been resolved so far.

Use of Loudsoeajers only within prescribed norms

A decision has been taken to allow use of the sound amplifiers (loud speakers/DJs) etc. only within the prescribed norms at any type of religious place or other places. Flying squads will be set up in all districts to inquire into matters of illegal use of loudspeakers etc. to check sound pollution, according to the decision.

Controlling Criminals

A decision has been taken regarding the cancellation of the bail as per the provisions of Section 437, 438, 439 of CrPC. through honourable courts granted for serious crimes and to habitual criminals

Campaign to ban illegal buying and selling of meat and fish

The Cabinet also decided to ban illegal buying and selling of meat, fish etc. in the open without license in the urban areas. An intensive campaign will be launched in this regard. This campaign will be launched in coordination with anti-encroachment squads, health staff, district administration and police administration. This campaign will be monitored by the Chief Secretary.

Increase in tendu leaf collection remuneration

It has also been decided to increase the tendu leaf collection rate from Rs 3,000 per bag to Rs 4,000 per bag. With this, more than 35 lakh tendu leaf collectors will get additional remuneration of Rs 162 crore. It is noteworthy that the tendu leaf collection rate in the year 2017 was Rs 1250 per bag. In the year 2023, it was increased to Rs 3 thousand per bag.