Friday, December 1, 2023

Bhopal Assembly Election Results 2023: Tentative Timetable Released

The counting of votes for the Bhopal Assembly constituencies will begin at 2:00 PM on December 3, 2030. The results are expected to be announced by dinner time.

The tentative timetable for the counting of votes in Bhopal is as follows:

  • Huzur Assembly: First result to be announced
  • Barasia Assembly: Second result to be announced
  • South West Bhopal Assembly: Third result to be announced
  • North Bhopal Assembly: Fourth result to be announced
  • Middle Bhopal Assembly: Fifth result to be announced
  • Narela Assembly: Sixth result to be announced
  • Govindpura Assembly: Seventh result to be announced

The counting of votes in Huzur Assembly will be completed in 18 rounds, the fastest of all the constituencies. Barasia Assembly will take 17 rounds, followed by South West Bhopal with 17 rounds.

North Bhopal and Middle Bhopal will take 16 and 18 rounds respectively.

Narela Assembly will take 16 rounds, while Govindpura Assembly will take 19 rounds. These two constituencies are likely to take the longest to count.

Increase in Counting Tables

The Madhya Pradesh Election Commission has approved the proposal to increase the number of counting tables in the state. A total of 3,500 tables will be set up across the state for the counting of votes for the 230 Assembly constituencies.

The highest number of tables, 21, will be set up in 16 Assembly constituencies. The lowest number of tables, 14, will be set up in 161 constituencies.

The earlier plan was to set up 14 tables in each Assembly constituency. However, district election officials reported that this would take too long and delay the announcement of results.

The Election Commission approved the proposal to increase the number of counting tables on November 29.