Yashodharaje Scindia announces retirement from electoral politics

Bhopal Samachar
Yashodharaje Scindia, MLA from Shivpuri constituency in Madhya Pradesh and Minister for Sports in the BJP government, today announced her retirement from electoral politics. She made the announcement while speaking to reporters after attending the Khelo MP Youth Games in Bhopal.

I don't want to create a controversy

she said. "There is no possibility of me contesting elections in the future. Scindia said that she had written to the BJP state president in August expressing her intention to retire from politics. She said that she had been infected with COVID-19 four times, and that she was no longer able to campaign as effectively as she once did.

"I don't want to create a controversy because the BJP is in a very good position at the moment," she said. "I wrote to the state president on the basis of my ethics. I couldn't campaign after contracting COVID-19 for the fourth time."

When asked if she would consider contesting elections in the future, Scindia said, "I don't think so."


  • Scindia's announcement has sparked speculation about the reasons for her decision. Some have speculated that she is stepping down to make way for her nephew, Jyotiraditya Scindia, who is currently a Lok Sabha MP. Others have suggested that she is retiring due to poor poll numbers or pressure from the BJP organization.
  • Still others have speculated that Scindia is planning to contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from a different constituency.
  • Local BJP leaders have denied that Scindia was forced to step down. They have said that she made the decision on her own.