Monday, October 2, 2023

Dr. Pooja Pandey- A Journey to make lemonade when life gives you lemons

In a remarkable feat, Dr. Pooja Pandey, a young woman, achieved her PhD in the Management stream. Her life philosophy is simple - whenever she faces a challenging situation, she turns to reading to manage stress and negativity. After completing her Master of Business Administration (MBA), she commenced her professional journey as a Human Resource Manager. However, she faced personal life crises that led her to leave her job due to societal pressures that stigmatize working women. 

Despite this, she remained resilient, focusing on self-development and refusing to be part of the problem. Driven by her passion for business studies and commitment to academic excellence, she chose to delve into research within the Retail and Marketing sector. Accumulating over 12 years of experience in industry, academics, and research, including collaborations with government institutions such as AIGGPA and PSSCIVE, the NCERT’s vocational skill development wing, she displayed exceptional dedication and scholarly acumen. 

Dr. Pooja Pandey's journey is a testament to her belief that problems serve as stepping stones for growth and improvement. She views challenges as opportunities to envision a better future, and she expresses gratitude to her struggles for shaping her into an enhanced version of herself. 

Dr. Pooja Pandey did her primary education in Satna, Madhya Pradesh and her higher education in Bhopal.