Friday, October 6, 2023

Business ideas - How to Earn 3 Lakh Rupees by Diwali with a 10,000 Rupees Machine

Low investment high profit startup small business ideas in India 

No matter if you are a 10th pass, graduate, student, housewife, professional, or retired employee, this business is for everyone. The festival season is in full swing, and there are some machines that can help you easily earn 2-5 lakh rupees by Diwali.

On the occasion of Diwali, people come to the market with a mindset to spend money. Many things are bought to please Goddess Lakshmi. Designer diyas and candles are among the top 5 important products in this list.

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Making designer diyas and candles is very easy. You can call it a child's play. Anyone can do it, but they don't have the tools and machines. The funny thing is that the machines and tools required to make designer diyas and candles are quite cheap. ₹10,000 is enough for the start. This will include various types of moulds in addition to the machine.

youth entrepreneurship ideas in india 

The most special thing about young age is that young people know what the market trend is, and they can best estimate what new things can be done this year. Whether you are a college student or graduate. Boy or girl. Tenth pass or MBA, everyone will benefit from this business. Some will get more, some will get less.

Designer diyas and candles should not only be made but also sold directly. Therefore, start working on Instagram page, WhatsApp channel, WhatsApp community, Telegram channel, and Facebook page etc. from now. This is the only way that can multiply your business by 10X. Rest, setting up a stall in the festival market is the most traditional and essential.

business ideas for women in india 

In the case of DIY, the hands of girls and women are considered to be the best. Anyway, if diyas for Lakshmi worship are made from the hands of Lakshmi, and candles for decoration are made, then what can be better than this. You must have seen that women do the maximum sales of this type of product in the festival season. Men stand to support women in the festival market.

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The cost of making a designer diya is ₹2 and its selling price is at least ₹20. If you bring slightly expensive moulds, you can make a diya worth ₹200 at a cost of ₹5. The same is the case with candles. The more moulds you have, the more designs of candles you will be able to make. There is no need to worry about profit in this business. Diwali is a festival. There may be a shower of notes. Leave all your work and start looking for machines and moulds first.

Here are some tips to help you succeed in this business:
  • Do your research and find out the latest trends in diya and candle design.
  • Use high-quality materials to create durable and long-lasting products.
  • Price your products competitively to attract customers.
  • Promote your business online and offline to reach a wider audience.

With hard work and dedication, you can earn a significant amount of money by starting this business.