Friday, September 1, 2023

RGPV Bhopal- Submission of Six Monthly Progress Report through RAC

The candidates who were registered under the Ph.D. Ordinance No. 11 Amended on dated 02.05.2019, the sub-clause 9.4 states that "after a candidate's research topic has been approved by the RDC and the letter of registration issued by the registrar according to the clause 11 of the Ordinance, the research scholar shall be required to appear before the RAC once in every six months to make a presentation of the progress of his/her work for evaluation and further guidance. There should be a minimum gap of four months between two successive RACs. The six monthly progress reports shall be submitted by the RAC to the University with a copy to the research scholar".

It has been seen that the supervisors are submitting the Six Monthly Progress Report directly to the University instead of RAC's recommendation.

Therefore, it is requested to the Director/ Principal of all the affiliated Ph.D. Research Centre RGPV Bhopal to ensure that the six monthly progress reports shall be submitted to the University through RAC. A Copy of the RAC's recommendation should also be enclosed during the time of submission of Draft thesis. 29.8.2023 Dr. Rajesh Bhargava Dy. Registrar (Acad.) RGPV, Bhopal