Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Clash of mp ses exam with upsc esic je exam

We are aspirants of Engineering examinations and MPPSC SES has been one of the most aspiring exams for us. Recently MPPSC SES Exam date is announced which is to be held on 8 October, 2023. Another national level exam which is to be conducted by UPSC i.e. ESIC JE is also announced a week ago to be held on the same date 8 October , 2023.

This clash has left us students who are preparing hard for both the exams in a state of confusion as to attend which exam and also a state of difficulty as syllabus of both exams is very different and giving a final touch to the preparations becomes difficult in such situation. Therefore, please consider our problems and postpone the MPPSC SES Exam to some other suitable date as it will be very difficult for us to chose one exam as we do not want to loose our chance of selection in this age of competition.

Thanking you,
Siddhant Gupta <guptasiddhant.183@gmail.com>