One-day First Aid Management Training of NIDMP Staff at AIIMS Bhopal

Bhopal Samachar
– In a proactive stride towards ensuring the safety and well-being of its staff and students, the nursing staff and the hostel wardens of the National Institute of Design participated in a comprehensive one-day First Aid Management Training program facilitated by AIIMS, Bhopal. The training was held at AIIMS Bhopal premises on Friday, August 25, 2023, aimed to refresh the skills of medical staff and equip the institute's wardens with essential first aid skills and knowledge, fostering a safer and more secure environment within the campus. The training session was specially curated by the AIIMS Bhopal team keeping in view the remote location and allied requirements of NID MP.

The training covered essential areas such as CPR, wound and fracture care, choking and airway obstruction management, responding to medical emergencies, and emergency response protocols. Skilled professionals of AIIMS facilitated hands-on learning, enabling participants to effectively respond in critical situations.

Commenting on the initiative, Prof. Dhiraj Kumar, (Director) at NIDMP, said, "The safety and well-being of our employees and students are of paramount importance to us. This training aligns with our commitment to fostering a secure environment and promoting a culture of preparedness. We extend our gratitude to AIIMS for their expert guidance and commendable efforts in enhancing our readiness to handle medical emergencies."

The successful completion of the First Aid Management Training demonstrates NIDMP's dedication to going beyond academic excellence, prioritizing the overall health and safety of its community members.