Madhya Pradesh cabinet meeting decisions chaired by CM Shivraj Singh

Bhopal Samachar
: In the meeting of the Council of Ministers chaired by Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, approval was given to implement the Assured Career Promotion Scheme for the same cadres of all departments of the state government. With this decision, the fourth time scale of pay will be approved from July 01, 2023 to the government employees of the state in case of 35 years or more of service. The Finance Department was authorised to issue guidelines for the fourth time scale of pay. On acceptance of this pay scale, the estimated expenditure burden on the government will be to Rs. 250 crore.

Art Training Fellowship to Youth - 2023

The Cabinet decided to give "art training fellowship-2023 to the youth". In order to promote traditional and tribal folk art, approval was given to provide honorary fellowship of Rs. 10 thousand to 1 thousand youths of the state through Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum for a period of 3 months. Under the scheme, youths will be given training in any one of the arts out of singing, music, dance, theatre, painting and craft etc. in 3 months.

Approval for the establishment of 4 new government colleges

Approval was given by the Cabinet to establish 04 new Government Colleges including Government Law College Dindori, Government College Narayanganj Mandla, Government College Khirkiya Harda, Government College Khaddi Sidhi. Along with this, new faculty in 03 government colleges, Government College Tala, Satna (Commerce), Government College Ramnagar, Satna (Science and Commerce), Government College Silvani Raisen (Science), new subjects at graduate level in 03 government colleges, Government College Tala, Satna (Sanskrit, Home Science, Philosophy, Psychology), Government College New Ramnagar, Satna (Economics, Geography, Sanskrit, History), Government College Amarpatan, Satna (Computer Science) and 06 government colleges to start new subjects at postgraduate level total creation of 341 new posts and recurring expenditure of Rs. 1981.00 lakh per year and other non-recurring expenditure of Rs. 5854.32 lakh, in this way total expenditure of Rs. 7835.32 lakh has been approved.

Creation of new tehsil Shivpur in Narmadapuram district

The Cabinet approved the creation of new tehsil Shivpur in district Narmadapuram. Present Tehsil Seoni Malwa’s Patwari Halka No. 01 to 09 of Shivpur Revenue Inspector Circle, Patwari Halka No. 10 to 19 of Revenue Inspector Circle Chapdagrahan, Patwari Halka No. 20 to 30 of Revenue Inspector Circle Pagdal in total 30 Patwari Halkas will be included. Thereafter in Tehsil Seoni Malwa, Patwari Halka No. 01 to 13 of Revenue Inspector Circle Khapariya, Patwari Halka No. 14 to 23 of Revenue Inspector Circle Dharamkandi, Patwari Halka No. 24 to 33 of Revenue Inspector Circle Seoni Malwa, Patwari Halka No. 34 to 45 of Revenue Inspector Circle Lokharthalai, Patwari Halka No. 46 to 57 of Nandarwara of Revenue Inspector Circle Madal, thus a total of 57 Patwari Halkas will be included.

For the efficient operation of new Tehsil Shivpur of Narmadapuram district, posts of Tehsildar 01, Assistant Grade-2 02, Assistant Grade-3 04, Assistant Grade-3 (Reader) 01, Jamadar / Daftari / Bastavardar 1, Vehicle Driver 1, Peon 04 in this way total 14 posts have been sanctioned.

Creation of new Tehsil Madwas in Sidhi

The Cabinet decided to create new tehsil Madwas in Sidhi district. Patwari Halka No. 33,35-38,40,42-45 and 48 of Revenue Inspector Circle Gijawar of Tehsil Majhauli and Patwari Halka No. 31,32,39,41,46,47 and 49 to 55 of Revenue Inspector Circle Madwas in this way total of 24 Patwari Halkas and 71 villages will be included, after its formation in the remaining Tehsil Majhauli, PH No 1-11, 14-22 of Tehsil Majhauli and PH No 12,13, 23-30 and 34 of RI Mandal Joba, thus total 31 Patwari halkas and 61 villages will be includcd.

For the efficient operation of new Tehsil Madwas in Sidhi, posts of Tehsildar 01, Naib Tehsildar’s 02, Assistant Grade 2’s 02, Assistant Grade 3’s 04, Assistant Grade-3’s (reader) 3, Jamadar/Daftari/Bastavardar’s 1, vehicle driver’s 1, 06 of peon thus total 20 posts have been sanctioned.

Approval of Telecom Ease and Expansion Guidelines 2023

The Cabinet approved the "Policy 2023 to facilitate the establishment of Telecom infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh" and "Guidelines 2023 to facilitate the establishment of Telecom infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh" formulated in alignment with Right of Way Rules 2022 and Indian Telegraph (Infrastructure Security) Rules, 2022 issued by Government of India. With the implementation of the said policy, the telecommunication infrastructure (4G/5G) in Madhya Pradesh will be expanded quickly and easily and the income of the state government will increase.

To ensure planned development and expansion of telecommunication services and infrastructure in the state, " Madhya Pradesh Policy and Guidelines 2019 to facilitate the establishment of infrastructure for providing wire line or wireless based voice and data access services by telecommunication service, internet service, infrastructure providers" is currently in force. The validity period of the policy is till December, 2023. At present, the facilities of 5G telecommunication have also been rolled out within the country, the Right of Way (ROW) (Amendment) Rules, 2022 have been issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Communications, Department of Telecommunications on 17 August 2022, in which specific provisions have been made to provide the setting up of telecom infrastructure related to 5G roll-out and further strengthening of infrastructure. The Indian Telegraph (Infrastructure Security) Rules, 2022 have been issued by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India on 3 January 2023 in which provision has been made in these rules that if any person / agency does excavation or mining work on the existing telecom infrastructure site established on public and private property, then the general public shall inform the concerned licensee through the portal. This will save the telecom infrastructure from unwanted damage.

Decision for SC and ST entrepreneurs

It was decided by the Cabinet to amend Madhya Pradesh MSME's Industrial Land and Building Allotment and Management Rules 2021 (as amended October 2022) in respect of reservation of 20 percent plot for SC and ST entrepreneurs in developed industrial areas and 50 percent exemption in premium and development fee to these entrepreneurs.

Approval for the establishment of 6 new government ITIs

The Cabinet decided to establish 6 new government ITIs in the state. Approval was given for the creation of 114 teaching and 66 administrative posts for these 6 ITIs. For these 6 ITIs, financial provision for non-recurring expenditure of Rs. 9487.20 lakh and for recurring expenditure of about Rs. 2580.00 lakh for five years was also approved.

Approval of 4 new courses in Govt. Polytechnic, Narmadapuram

The Cabinet approved the operation of four new courses (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering) in Government Polytechnic College, Narmadapuram. This polytechnic is functioning from the year 1996 with the same faculty. For this proposed 33 teaching posts, 15 posts of non-teaching and supporting staff and 20 posts of non-teaching and class IV staff (on outsourcing at the rate fixed by the district head), in this way the creation of a total of 68 posts was approved. Recurring expenditure of about 1068.08 lakh and non-recurring expenditure of about Rs 801.26 lakh was also approved for this.

Other decisions

The decision was taken for the pre-existing units of the Mudra Yojana, which are being renewed after September 01, 2022, to be benefited by being eligible under the Mukhyamantri Udyam Kranti Yojana, to be exempted from the provision of being a new enterprise in the scheme.