Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Madhya Pradesh cabinet meeting decision- official report by mpinfo

The meeting of Cabinet Ministers under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan was held at Mantralaya today. It was decided in the meeting that after an increase of Rs. 3,000, the Anganwadi worker will now get an honorarium of Rs. 13,000 per month and after an increase of Rs. 750, the Sahayika and mini Anganwadi worker will get the increased honorarium. The honorarium of Anganwadi worker will be increased by Rs. 1000 per year and that of Anganwadi Sahayika and mini Anganwadi worker by Rs. 500 per year. Also, on completion of 62 years of age, one lakh 25 thousand rupees will be given to Anganwadi workers and one lakh rupees to Anganwadi Sahayikas and mini Anganwadi workers at the time of retirement.

Approval for the establishment of 10 new colleges

The Cabinet approved creation of 589 new posts for establishment of 10 new colleges, new faculty in 4 colleges and starting postgraduate courses in 7 colleges in the state. For this, recurring expenditure burden of Rs 33 crore 47 lakh 50 thousand per year and non-recurring expenditure Rs 105 crore 46 lakh 70 thousand was approved.

Approval for formation of Maa Ahilya Devi Welfare Board and Sant Ravidas Sanskritik Ekta Nyas

It was decided by the Cabinet to set-up Maa Ahilya Devi Welfare Board. On the basis of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan's announcement on April 22, 2023, it was decided to constitute Maa Ahilya Devi Welfare Board for the overall welfare of Pal-Gadariya, Dhangar community. The board will have a chairman and 4 members. With the formation of the board, better implementation of welfare/public welfare schemes of the government will be ensured for the people of Pal-Gadariya, Dhangar class. Programmes can be prepared according to the need of this class. This will speed up the economic, social and educational development of this class. The Cabinet also gave approval for the establishment and constitution of “Sant Ravidas Sanskritik Ekta Nyas” (Sant Ravidas Cultural Integration Trust) under the Madhya Pradesh Public Trust Act.

Approval of Rs 478 crore 88 lakh for Barkheda medium irrigation project of Dhar district

Revised administrative approval has been given by the Cabinet for Barkheda Medium Irrigation Project of Dhar district costing Rs. 478 crore 88 lakhs, irrigation capacity of 15031 hectare. 43 villages of Kukshi tehsil will get the benefit of irrigation facility from the project.

Approval for digital crop survey project

The Cabinet has approved the implementation of the Digital Crop Survey Project proposed by the Central Government by the Revenue Department and action will be taken by the State Government as per the proposed Centrally Sponsored Scheme for the project.

 Approval for giving permanent lease of Nazul land

It was decided by the Council of Ministers that according to the proposal sent by Nazul Officer, District Rewa, the allotment of area of built up and open land to 30 land holders residing in Refugee Colony, Rewa, be approved on the basis of the guidelines of the year 2004-05 fixing the interest and imposing twice the annual land rent than the prescribed rate of assessment of Madhya Pradesh land revenue Code (Determination and Re-Determination of Land Revenue) Rule 2018 and in this way freeing the calculated interest and freeing the land rent from year 2004-05 to present sanctioning allotment of land for permanent lease of 30 years. Format of permanent lease of Nazul land should be issued according to format "D" in relation to the lien rights of holders of government land in urban areas.

Approval to include Kudmi caste in list no. 39 along with Kurmi and Kurami

A demand was made by the Bundelkhandiya Gaur Samaj to solve the problems caused by the inclusion of two castes of the same class, Kudmi and Kurmi, Kurami in separate numbers in the backward class list of the state. According to the departmental proposal, the Council of Ministers decided to delete Kudmi caste from list number 76 and include it in list number 39 along with Kurmi, Kurami. With the decision, equal and proper opportunities will be available to this class to get the benefits being provided by the state government to the backward classes along with the solution of the problems coming in the caste certificate.

Other decisions

The Cabinet gave approval for the disposal of the plant and machinery installed on the property of Cooperative Department's Soyabean Processing Plant, Chourai District Chhindwara as scrap, after approving the highest tender amount of Rs. 8 crore 30 lakh 6 thousand of H-1 tenderer and deposit of 100% of the tender bid price by the H-1 tenderer, it was decided to proceed with the sale contract by the Liquidator Joint Commissioner Cooperative of MP State Oilseeds Producers Cooperative Union.

The Cabinet decided to get the contract/registry proceedings done by the district collector for Block-1, Village- Ehsanpura, Tehsil- Sarangpur, District- Rajgarh Land Asset Survey No. 45, 54, 55 and 56 of the total area of 17,400 square meters of Cottage and Village Industries Department after the approval of the highest tender amount of Rs 2 crores 11 lakh 11 thousand 111 of H-1 tenderer and after depositing 100% of the tender amount by the H-1 tenderer.