Saturday, June 24, 2023

Sonu Sood’s SCF Launches SAMBHAVAM Program, Providing Hope And Support To Underprivileged Youth's Civil Services Dreams

The 'Messiah' of the common man, Sonu Sood has become synonymous with compassion and philanthropy, having played an instrumental role in assisting numerous individuals throughout the pandemic. Whether it is extending aid to the vulnerable, providing clothing and shelter to the homeless, or even coordinating life-saving airlifts, Sood has tirelessly devoted himself to humanitarian efforts. His relentless commitment to helping those in need has earned him immense respect and admiration not only in India but also globally!

As the founder of the Sood Charity Foundation (SCF), Sonu Sood is dedicated to making a lasting impact and bringing about positive change in society. With a focus on education, healthcare, skill development, and disaster relief, Sood, through SCF, aims to transform lives and empower communities.

In an exciting new development, the Sood Charity Foundation has announced the launch of 'SAMBHAVAM' for the year 2023-24, in collaboration with Divine India Youth Association (DIYA) and Sarat Chandra Academy. This groundbreaking program is designed to provide dedicated civil services aspirants from financially disadvantaged backgrounds with free online IAS coaching, mentorship, and holistic personality development.

Sonu Sood’s latest philanthropic endeavour – SAMBHAVAM aims to bridge the gap and create equal opportunities for talented individuals who face financial constraints. By partnering with DIYA and Sarat Chandra Academy, SCF is committed to building a better and stronger India where talent and potential can thrive, irrespective of financial limitations.

For more information about the SAMBHAVAM program and other remarkable initiatives by the Sood Charity Foundation, please visit their official website: