Saturday, February 1, 2020


Mustard oil is extracted purely from mustard seeds and it contains erucic acid. Mustard oil is used since ancient times for cooking and alternative medicine. It is most common in Asia and is particularly used in Indian cuisnes. It contains a good amount of monosaturated fatty acids which reduce the possibility of cardiovascular diseases. 


1) Good for Arthritis - Massage for arthritis can be done with a variety of oils but                    mustard oil massage provides most effective relief in managing the pain.  It soothes joint        and arthritis pain when it is used with some natural additives. When the oil is applied to        the skin, the blood circulation to the area improves, the surface of the skin gets a better          blood flow and this results in healing of the pain

2) Provides relief from cough and cold - Mustard oil has heating property which helps       in clearing congestion from the respiratory tract. Oil steam treatment is suggested as a           home remedy and a teaspoon of it an be applied on the chest before sleeping at night to           let it work its magic.    

3) Promotes hair growth - Many people from North or East India use mustard oil as a           daily ritual for hair growth. It is an age old practice followed till date. It is really good for         hair.  

4) Helps in blood circulation - Mustard oil massage helps in improving blood                        circulation to the body, enhances skin quality and releases muscular tension. It activates        the sweat glands thus removing toxins from the body. It acts as a natural cleanser.  

5) Protects against infections- Mustard oil contains anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti         viral properties. Its internal and external use helps in fighting several infections                         including the digestive tract infection. 

6) Promotes hart health - Adding mustard oil to the diet is beneficial for heart health. It       is a rich source of MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids), lowers bad cholesterol in the             body and controls blood fat levels. It helps in heart disease to a great extent as it is rich in       alpha linolenic acid and is therefore better than sunflower oil.